Vortrag/Diskussion: Wasser & Kapitalismus

In school they teach us that water covers 71% of Earth, that we are 90% water, and that without water there is no life. So it seems that we really need it…but that there is a lot/plenty??. Well…Nope. If all water in the world would fit in 1l bottle, just half a spoon would be freshwater, ready to be use. So the access (for everyone & everything) to these drops should be mandatory/ensure/obliged??…it’s a moral, ethic and political right, that should only be subject to the ecosystem’s limits. But, how would capitalism lose the opportunity to get such a benefit? the one of a compulsory monopoly? How capitalism is turning the water resource into profit? What is that causing in ecosystems and society? How people is fighting against water privatization?

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