Presentation: Repressions against anarchists in CZ

For over 15 months the anarchists and others from so called Czech Republic have been facing the biggest police crackdown in recent years.
The operation Fenix isn’t only the wave of repression. For the first time we facing police entrapment, provocation, fabricated plots, and
historically first “serious” accusation of terrorism. Why is all of that happening right now? Is the repression really responsibility of the most militant part of the movement and does it help if we step back, or is there any other lance and way to deal with the authoritarian power of the state?

Come and join an ABC reflection of one and a half year of accelerating repression and our reaction. Let’s talk about our protection and share some experiences of how to prevent falling into the trap. Now when the first court hearings are happening is especially important to see what kinds of solidarity actions we can provide to empower ourselves and keep our community strong instead of getting paranoid and paralysed.

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